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Kobani could be another Srebrenica, UN warns
Turkey under pressure to help defend Syrian town after Isis overruns headquarters of Kurdish militia
Islamic State (Isis) fighters, with a warning from the UN that its fall risks another Srebrenica – the 1995 massacre that symbolised the failure of international efforts

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Victim woman has voted to Shiite Mullah! (Hassan Rouhani)

British-Iranian woman goes on hunger strike after arrest for attending men’s volleyball match
Ghoncheh Ghavami, a 25-year-old law graduate of London university SOAS, began the protest after being kept in solitary detention for the last 100 days
A British-Iranian woman being held in Iran’s notorious Evin political prison after

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داعش و شیعه دو اهرم نفتی جنگ داخلی برای نسل کشی و تجزیه ایران – عراق

روزنامه ساندی تایمز چاپ بریتانیا  امروز 5 اکتبر گزارش داد که گروه داعش برای حمله به ایران برنامه ریزی می کند

بر اساس این گزارش ، یک واحد نیروی ویژه عراق ، در حمله به منزل یکی از اعضای داعش، به سندی دست یافته که در آن از

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Iran Journalists to Rouhani: Stop Lying!

With so many journalists jailed in Iran, including the Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian, reporters inside the country and out denounce the president’s smiling sophistry.

In a letter to President Hassan Rouhani, 135 Iranian reporters, editors and media workers from inside and outside Iran urged the president not to

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Iran regime president attacks Cameron a week after historic meeting

Hassan Rouhani criticises British PM for saying Tehran is ‘part of problem’ in Middle East during UN speech

Hassan Rouhani, has criticised the British prime minister, David Cameron, a week after a landmark meeting between the two leaders on the sidelines of the UN general assembly.
Rouhani said

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افتخار اتحاد ملی ایران جاودانه شد

شادروان فرهاد مشیری

ازمسئولین دفتر حفاظت و واحد فرهنگی – خبری، لندن
با آرزوی صبر و پیروزی برای  بازماندگان و یاران
 و تقدیر از زحمات شبانه روزی مبارز نستوه، روانشاد فرهاد مشیری
از طرف، احسان باغبان، نایب رئیس حزب اتحاد ملی ایران و دتا

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Rouhani Dodges Human Rights Questions In New York

 NEW YORK —  Hassan Rouhani claimed not to know the details of the case against a group of young Iranians arrested for making a video to the Pharrell song and dodged questions about a jailed Washington Post reporter during an appearance in New York Wednesday.
In a

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