Puppets of Revolution – 1

Blair’s Bible

The Reverend Tony Blair continues to preach the virtues of the Mullah’s “democracy” for the sake of cheap oil and blood money



The Unholy Trinity

Step aside Clint Eastwood, here is the Islamic version of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly



Happy Birthday!

24 Glorious years of Mullahcracy

This picture was produced to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, celebrating the kindness shown to the people.  The party guests, without whom none of this would have been possible, are the Western governments (lead by the British) who orchestrated the revolution and supported it all these long years of silence.



Islamic Justice?

One of the darkest regimes in the history of mankind continues to rule by murder, torture, rape…



Simpson’s World

The legendary John Simpson, mainstay of the BBC’s world service.  One of the first to criticise the Shah’s regime, a reporter who flew to Iran with Khomeini on his return from exile in France, and one of the biggest fans of the Islamic Regime ever since.  Thanks to the lies of John Simpson, the British people even believed that Iranian’s liked their government!

(by the way, were Simpson and Rafsanjani brothers?  They look like it.)
















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