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Message from the  United Iranian Party to the British Empire

In 1979, the Shi’a regime in Iran launched a new political Islamist-led Islamist-capitalist and oil-banking business of globalists.

Then the regime with the mask of religious and charitable activities in England, the Islamic Center of London in Kilburn, and the charity of Imam Reza in Mengam and other cities of the United Kingdom, legally and with the permissions and even financial support of the British governments, promote political Islam and terrorism and child sexual abuse, as well as production Hatred against the good people of Britain, America and Europe.

Today, we see that the Shiite regime in Iran, which flared up the Yemeni civil war, officially pays for Yemeni warlords with a bank account for the Yemenis.

Of course, the Shiite regime in Iran has been the subject of a banking boycott, and the British government and the bank of the Netsh West have broken the sanctions on the back of a clear violation of the sanctuary regime in the UK.  So, we want British people to help us to cleanse Britain from terrorism and child abuse and the financial corruption of the Shiite regime.  In the first step, we demand the closure and seizure of the terrorist sites of the Iranian Shiite regime in Kilburne London, Hackley Birmangham and other cities of England, as well as the closure of all bank accounts related to the security of British citizens and British citizens and Iranian political refugees.

In the second step, the expulsion of spies and saboteurs of the Shiite regime with the expedition student mask and seemingly religious and cultural activities, but in the principle of espionage terror, are in fact.

Security and peace and respect for the rights of innocent children are the right to all of the British people from London to Aberdeen and from Cardiff to Belfast. Also, our right is the regime’s opposition. So, in the true battle with the terrorism of the Shi’a regime and its product of ISIL, press our hand.

Thank you

On behalf of Kourosh (Ali) Barzegar  Secretary-General of the National Unity Party of Iran and head of the coordinating council of the interim government in exile of Iran


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