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Honourable countrymen, members and supporters of United Front For Iranian Nationals By this statement and referring to the previous announcement of this organization, from now on we are going to act as a proliferating political party. This party is composed of Iranian members and supporters who love Iran. Regardless of our religion and ethnicity, all of us will work towards protecting the rights of the great people of Iran and the united free Iran. In this new statement we will explain why the ‘United Party’ has been formed. As this is a valid and intelligent question, and this question may be asked by masses of Iranians who are our greatest moral supporters, to whom our message is addressed to. In response to this question we would like to inform you that ‘UIP’ intends to fight against and make aware all Iranian on the intentions of the regime in Iran and the governments which have been supporting it since the revolution of 1979.

Their behaviour is not too dissimilar to the ‘Roman Strategy’, which in the year 261 AC attempted to weaken nationalism in Iran and it’s capability by creating disunity and differences of interests amongst people. This has enabled the rogue Islamic Regime together with the support of foreign governments, to commit genocide against people living in the country. It has also resulted in an unwanted break down of Iran economically, politically and socially. It is for this reason that the representatives of this organization in order to reflect the political and social maturity of Iranians who live in a censored and close up society which exist in Iran are responding appropriately. For Iran to be saved of this undesired situation and so that it can enjoy democracy, we have the duty to work towards ending the scattering and divergence of Iranians and to solve the disagreement between various religious and ethnic groups. Our nationalistic believes are based on wisdom not on colonial or radical behaviour. The dominant approach of Iranians towards family, social, and cultural growth is based on our nationalism, which flourishes upon us loving, caring, and behaving in a brotherly and sisterly manner towards each other. We believe in a fair relationship and a fair economical competition with various countries and governments.

The great nation of Iran also wants vast expansion of tourism industry, forest and grassland and also training and investment for protecting the environment of Iran. This is as earth is a planet, which belongs to all humankind. On the other hand, by expansion of social networks in the modern age resulting in the world village and the exchange of information, the era of old and new colonialism has ended. Iranian youths, believe in friendship with other youths of the world, but at the same time, they have wise nationalistic beliefs. They hate any kind of conspiracy, war, racism and imperialistic attitudes. If an anti-Iranian behaviour is expressed, these people can use (UIP) to unite with each other and resist against any kind racist attack and foreign economical abuse of Iran. As the result of the resistance of Iranian loving people, the oppressing and invading Iranian Regime is falling apart internally and externally. Iranians have always saved Iran throughout history. In the past, United Front for Iranian Nationalists (UFIN) has always had the honour to serve the uprisings and demands of history making Iranians. In addition, as it is necessary today we are acting on a greater level and with greater responsibility, in order to stand side by side with the great nation of Iran, so that together we can work towards saving and freeing Iranians.


Tomorrow’s Iran must be governed by a government, which is of the people and serves them, not by the murderous, colonial plunderers. Democracy and secularism should be established and protected by Iranian themselves. Social justice and equal opportunity (removal of any kind of religious and other prejudices for recruitment of employees and volunteers) should be achieved by Iranians. These concepts must be embedded in the social infra structure of Iran by hard working people, lawyers and Unions of the country. The rights of people to benefit equally and fairly from the national wealth in the form of welfare system have to be observed. Also, the existence of a free economy for Iran’s progression and expansion is needed. Banking services should provide the necessary services for the people of Iran.

In order to stop the anti-Iranian strategies and to provide for your future as well as the future of other Iranians please contact us, your party, your home today and get united, tomorrow maybe too late. The first act of Roman strategy which was pronounced by the senate on the seventh of Ordibehesht (27the of April): “261 AC attempts to weaken nationalism in Iran and countries capability not by means of war but by political steps which appear friendly from inside Iran (by creating multi groups and differences of interests among people). This should be done in a manner that the Sasanians are prevented from expanding and defending The East as they will be tangled with internal matters”.
Public relations UIP Mrs Fereshteh Saadat 14/02/1388 (4/05/2009)

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