Iran is not a safe country for nonviolent resistance

Amir Hossein Heshmat Saran, was Iran  leader of the Iran National Unity Front – Iran branch . The 49 year old was a vocal opponent of the IR and his experience in prison was widely publicised on oppisition media. He was serving a 16 year prison sentence at Gohardasht prison, near Karaj, following his involvement at a student demonstration. Saran had a history of medical problems and despite his ailing health he was taken to hospital only at the point of death.

.جانباخته امیر حسین حشمت ساران، اولین دبیر کل حزب اتحاد ملی ایران

His wife Elaheh told Human Rights Watch, “The medical specialist who treated him told me he had brain hemorrhaging, and a lung infection which had spread throughout his body, that he should have been brought in sooner”. She added that “They took him there when he was practically dead.” No formal investigation took place following his death on 6 March and agents from the Terrorist Ministry of Security and Intelligence repeatedly refused to allow his body to be released for burrial fearing political tensions.saran

Bloggers Omid Mirsayafi was murdered in prison in March 2009 serving their prison term for subversive activities against the regime.

Mirsayafi had been sentenced in 2008 for insulting the spiritual leader of the Terrorist Regime and also the current anti-christ and incarnation of evil Syed Ali Khamenei. Mirsayafi had never directly written about Khomeini or Kahmenei but following his arrest and imprisonment he admitted that he wished that he did. Mirsayafi wrote in one blog, “I feel like a stranger in my own house…Is it really the ancient Persia I am living in? Is it the land of Cyrus the Great?… It must be a nightmare I am having. This is not Persia. This is the Islamic Republic.”


Mirsayafi’s sentiment resounds with the voices of so many young Iranians who have shunned Islam and have embraced Iran’s pre-Islamic ancient heritage and sport Farvahar’s medallions and hold in high esteem Cyrus the Achaemenid King who united the Medes and Persia to create the land of Iran.

In another blog, he narrated an account of how a 17 year old Basiji boy had confronted a couple who were demonstrating in a Tehran Park:

I was standing around one of the gates beside a young couple when a 17 or 18 year-old Hezbollah boy approached us in spiteful steps.

“Beat it! Disperse!” he spat.

As we didn’t pay any attention, the boy raced towards the young couple addressing the young man: “Didn’t you hear me, Zan-Jendeh [“husband of a whore”]? Didn’t I just tell you to get the fuck out of here?”

The young man was too shocked to give even the smallest hint of a reaction. Obviously he could not simply ignore the insult – yet if he did anything he was sure to get arrested. Having witnessed the scene up close, and without any second thought, I ran at the Basiji boy and shoved him aside.




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